Single-spin NMR concept proposed

After reviewing briefly the concept of zero magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance (ZULF NMR), Dmitry Budker describes a recent proposal to use single NV center sensors to measure single nuclear spins in ZULF NMR [1]. References: Extreme nuclear magnetic resonance: zero field, single spins, dark matter…, Dmitry Budker, arXiv:1905.08851 (2019).

Probing superconductivity with diamonds

Diamonds may contain color centers, such as the nitrogen-vacancy centers. With collaborators all over the world, we review the current state of affairs in using such centers to explore the behavior of materials in their superconducting regime [1]. In particular, nitrogen-vacancy centers allow us to perform: *  vector magnetometry at a wide range of temperatures […]

Isotopic variation of parity violation in atomic ytterbium

By observing the weak force’s effect in atomic ytterbium, and its dependence on isotopes of ytterbium, we find the prediction of Standard model to triumph once again. Nature physics ArXiv Press release  Figure 3a in the article shows the magnitude of weak force effect (parity violation) in atomic ytterbium, as a function of ytterbium’s isotope. Standard model predicts […]