A talk at PATRAS 2022; Speaker: Dr. Hendrik Bekker (HIM, JGU Mainz)

Quantum limits on magnetic resonance searches for ALP dark matter

A talk at PATRAS 2022; Speaker: Prof. Alexander Sushkov (Boston University)

Exploring Zero with NVs

A talk at NanoMRI7; Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker

Gamma factory @ CERN

(Quantum Science Seminar) Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker​

Supplementary materials could be downloaded here

Lower than Low: Introducing Zero- to Ultralow-Field (ZULF) NMR

Speaker: Dr. John Blanchard

Microwave Seminar at The Department of Physics & Engineering, ITMO

Speaker: Dr. Danila Barskiy

Workshop On Optically Pumped Magnetometers 2019 – Introduction

You can watch all videos from the workshop on the YouTube

News from the Dark Side

Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker

Optical magnetometry in the lab, in the field and in the sky

Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker

Fundamental physics with magnetic resonance

Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker

Light and Galactic Plasma

Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker

Marina (Spain) builded a polarizor for Xenon during PRISMA internship

Speaker: Marina Gil Sendra

Hector (Spain) prepared an experiment to measure optical-magnetometer signals

Speaker: Hector Masia Roig

Searching for axions and ALPs with atomic magnetometers and nuclear magnetic resonance

Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Budker