Isotope shift, non-linearity of King plot and search for nuclear island of stability and new particles

In a joint work of Anna Viatkina, Victor Flambaum and Amy Geddes, a single-particle relativistic formula found to estimate the isotope shift (IS) in many-electron atoms. It is used to predict the behavior of IS in superheavy atoms. They further analyse different contributions to the non-linearity of King plot arising from Standard Model. Their estimates […]

Miniature cavity-enhanced diamond magnetometer

A miniaturized cavity-enhanced room-temperature magnetic-field sensor based on nitrogen-vacancy centers was demonstrated by our group. The sensitivity and small size of the detector make it an ideal candidate for endoscopic magnetic field measurements aiming at biomedical applications. In contrast to most NV-based magnetometers the magnetic signal is extracted by observing infrared absorption of the NV […]

Budker Group Highlights of 2016

Prof. Dmitry Budker was awarded the following grants: A European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant of EUR 2.5 million to search for dark matter and dark energy. The funded project is entitled “Experimental Searches for Oscillating and Transient Effects from the Dark Sector”. Read the press release here. An EU-funded grant for the HORIZON 2020 […]

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