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Fundamental symmetry tests: reviews and proposals

  • Derek F. Jackson Kimball and Dmitry Budker, Introduction to Dark Matter, in: D. F. Jackson Kimball, K. van Bibber (eds.), The Search for Ultralight Bosonic Dark Matter,

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  • Ricardo Alarcon et al, Electric dipole moments and the search for new physics, arXiv:2203.08103 (2022)

  • Quantum Science and Technology: Focus on Quantum Sensors for New-Physics Discoveries, guest-edited by Marianna Safronova and Dmitry Budker. Editorial: Quantum technologies and the elephants

Levitated magnets

  • Andrea Vinante, Chris Timberlake, Dmitry Budker, Derek Jackson Kimball, Alexander O. Sushkov, and Hendrik Ulbricht, Surpassing the Energy Resolution Limit with ferromagnetic torque sensors, Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 070801 (2021), arXiv:2104.14425 

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Gamma Factory; relativistic ions

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  • Gamma Factory Proof-of-Principle Experiment, Letter of Intent, CERN-SPSC-2019-031 / SPSC-I-253
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Parity nonconservation; searches for variation of alpha, Lorentz-invariance violation, equivalence-principle violation, laser cooling, and related physics in dysprosium

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Parity nonconservation and related physics in ytterbium

Parity nonconservation in molecules; molecular chirality

  • John W. Blanchard, Dmitry Budker, David DeMille, Mikhail G. Kozlov, and Leonid V. Skripnikov, Using parity-nonconserving spin-spin coupling to measure the Tl nuclear anapole moment in a TlF molecular beam, Phys. Rev. Research 5, 013191 (2023), arXiv:2210.16910

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Investigation of anti-relaxation coated cells for magnetometers, atomic clocks, etc.; Light-Induced atomic desorption

  • Runqi Han, Mikhail Balabas, Chris Hovde, Wenhao Li, Hector Masia Roig, Tao Wang, Arne Wickenbrock, Elena Zhivun, Zheng You, and Dmitry Budker, Is light narrowing possible with dense-vapor paraffin coated cells for atomic magnetometers? AIP Advances 7, 125224 (2017)
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Applied magnetometry and rotation sensing

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    arXiv:2202.06166 (2022)

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Nonlinear magneto- and electro-optics; atomic magnetometry

Detection of magnetic microparticles

  • Lykourgos Bougas, Lukas D. Langenegger, Carlos A. Mora, Martin Zeltner, Wendelin J. Stark, Arne Wickenbrock, John W. Blanchard, and Dmitry Budker, Nondestructive in-line sub-picomolar detection of magnetic nanoparticles in flowing complex fluids, Scientific Reports v. 8, Article number: 3491 (2018), arXiv:1801.0566
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New cooling techniques, STIRAP

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Ion Traps, Thorium, Antimatter

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Spectroscopy of samarium

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Tests of quantum statistics


This is a picture (taken by Damon English) of a spot pattern of a dye-laser beam (556 nm) transmitted through a symmetric spherical cavity with mirror separation adjusted to a “magic” value with N=11. Please read the two papers above to find out more.

Blue Light

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Data analysis


Soft skills

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