Looking into batteries with magnetometers

In the rapidly developing battery technology, is it desirable to determine the quality of battery cells by nondestructive measurements. We demonstrate the use of atomic magnetometry to detect states of battery charge [1]. We do so by creating a map of the weak induced magnetic fields around a Li-ion battery cell as a function of its state of charge. We also study the effect of mechanical defects in the battery on its internal currents and magnetic susceptibility.

Magnetic field above the battery cell (a) and the corresponding susceptibility (b) for batteries in various discharge states [1].


[1] Yinan Hu, Geoffrey Z. Iwata, Mohaddese Mohammadi, Emilia V. Silletta, Arne Wickenbrock, John W. Blanchard, Dmitry Budker, and Alexej Jerschow, Battery Diagnostics with Sensitive Magnetometry, arXiv:1905.12507 (2019).

Updated: July 11, 2019 — 11:37 am